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PA daily op-ed slanders US, targeting Trump and Huckabee, and tout the "Canaanite Palestinian"

Op-ed by Hafez Al-Barghouti, former editor-in-chief, now regular columnist for official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
      "The contenders for the leadership of the parties in the American presidential race seem as though they are in a bull run, and they are trampling values and principles, ramming rights, and trying to tear the Palestinian people to shreds in order to win the votes of the supporters of wars and bloodshed, and the settlers. After the statements of the aged teenager, the swindler and realtor, the billionaire, the rabid [Donald] Trump, in which he called to transfer the Palestinian people from the [West] Bank to Puerto Rico, another Republican candidate, Mike Huckabee, made a pilgrimage to Israel to emphasize his support for settlement in the West Bank. This inane creature thinks he is the only one who understands politics, as he revealed his political shallowness when he said that it is not possible to push the peace process as long as there is incitement in Palestinian schools. This jellylike man ignores the burning of children, as if those who burned them, the settlers, learned the foundations of good ethics and human dignity, and did not imbibe violence in the school of settlement,occupation, and the transformation of the land and blood of others to worthlessness. This wicked, despicable man [Huckabee] came to protect them and their settlements, as if to provide them with matches to practice their hobby of burning, blocking roads, chopping down trees, and harassment of the rooted Canaanite Palestinian, who carved its letters in the stones of this land before any religion.
Huckabee is also a settler, and it is possible that the US is the biggest settlement country, since it was established on the ruins of the original inhabitants, wiped out millions of them, enslaved millions of Blacks, and today enslaves millions of Hispanics in the same manner. It could be that Trump and Huckabee carry the genes of settlement and racism, and haven't yet gotten rid of them... and the fate of these political jugglers is oblivion."
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Notes: When US presidential candidate Mike Huckabee visited Israel in Aug. 2015, he expressed support for Israel's right to the Land of Israel and spoke about Jewish history in the land going back thousands of years. As Palestinian Media Watch has documented, the PA denies Jewish history in the Land of Israel and Jerusalem in order to deny Israel's right to exist.

The PA term “Canaanite Palestinian” is an anachronism. Canaan is a biblical name for the land of Israel dating back to the second millennium BCE. The name “Palestine” was only used much later in the 2nd century CE, after the Romans changed the name of Judea/Israel to "Palaestina” to punish the Jewish nation for their revolt. Until the creation of the State of Israel, all residents of the region, including Jews, were identified ‎as Palestinians. According to the PA daily, the Arab population in the region did not have a Palestinian ‎identity when Fatah was created in 1965, but years of Fatah’s terror, which it refers to as “military ‎actions,” is what created the current Palestinian Arab identity. [Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. ‎‎23, 2005, cited in Deception: Betraying the Peace Process, p. 21-22]‎

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