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PA TV host interviews mother of Fatah terrorist and expresses hope for his release

Official PA TV program Giants of Endurance
Official PA TV host: “With us on the phone is the mother of prisoner Sa’id Shtayyeh, who is entering the 14th year in prison and was sentenced to 2 life sentences and [an additional] ten years. Hello madam.”
Mother of prisoner Sa’id Shtayyeh: “Hello, be well.”
Host: “Firstly, our prisoner, Sa’id, has entered his 14th year in the occupation prison. What is your message, in this conversation on the program Giants of Endurance to your son and to all our prisoners?”

The mother wishes that they all be released soon and remain strong.

Host: “Well madam, you were banned from visiting and are still banned from it.”
Prisoner’s Mother: “Yes, for the past five years I have a security ban.”
Host: “Did you visit him?”
Prisoner’s Mother: “Yes, I visited.”

The host asks the mother what she thinks about the prisoner on hunger strike, Muhammad Allan.

Host: “Mother of prisoner Sa’id Shtayyeh, may Allah release your son, and my best wishes for you, thank you for calling.”
Prisoner’s Mother: “Be well, thank you for the program.”

Sa’id Musa Shtayyeh
– a Fatah terrorist who is serving 2 life sentences and 17 years for providing the arms to the terrorists who murdered Mordechai and Shlomo Odesser on July 30, 2002 in the West Bank.

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