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Former Fatah leader criticizes Abbas harshly as attempting to "get rid of any opposition and supervision of his political, legal and financial crimes"

Headline: “[Muhammad] Dahlan attacks President Mahmoud Abbas and demands he announce the establishment of the State of Palestine”
“Muhammad Dahlan, the Fatah leader who was expelled from the movement, and member of the Legislative Committee, severely attacked President Mahmoud Abbas regarding the resignations tendered by the PLO Executive Committee.
Dahlan wrote in a post on Facebook: ‘Our national cause is facing a critical historic moment, which requires everyone to immediately issue a challenge, as President Mahmoud Abbas has begun to implement the “’palace revolt’ in order to rid himself of the shackles of the national institutions and eliminate the last remaining rules and mechanisms of the Palestinian actions, and this is a clear attempt to destroy any leadership framework able to demand an accounting of him and deter him...
What Mahmoud Abbas is striving for is to get rid of any opposition, limitation, and supervision of his political, legal, and financial crimes. This is with the idea that the safe, gradual way out is through dissolution of the leadership institutions, and reassembling them with a group of submissive people, who do as he says… and this is the beginning of a plot to impose unfair solutions on our cause and our people.’”