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PA daily imples that Israel deliberately injures or kills Palestinian construction workers

“Yesterday [Aug. 22, 2015], the residents of Beit Qad and the nearby villages accompanied Martyr Abd Al-Rahman Zaidan (45 years old) - the Martyr worker who fell while trying to make a living - to burial in his birthplace after his family received his body from the Israeli side. The deceased, Zaidan, died after falling at a construction site within the territories occupied in 1948 (i.e., Israel). Sources in the deceased’s family said that Zaidan worked at a construction site in Herzliya… As a result of the accident, the number of workers killed within the occupied territories (i.e., Israel) rose, which necessitates taking action in order to provide protection and safety for construction workers in the occupied territories. Within one month four workers from the Jenin area were killed, in addition to many who were injured from among workers in the occupied interior (i.e., Israel).”