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Palestinian PM: 28,000 civil employees in Gaza are being paid while not working since 2008

     Headline: “Hamdallah: Prepared to hold presidential and parliamentary elections within 90 days”
“[PA] Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah… emphasized that President Mahmoud Abbas maintains that presidential and parliamentary elections will take place within 90 days if the Palestinian factions agree on them. He noted that the factions agreed on the amended election law in 2011 and that they [elections] will be held according to the relative and majority [methods], while Hamas made the condition that the elections be held according to the election districts (i.e., the majority method). Likewise, he revealed that there were disagreements with Hamas regarding the fact that 28,000 civil employees are receiving salaries from the government, but have not worked since 2008, despite the government having offered several solutions and suggestions.”

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