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PA: Abbas endorses rock throwing, praises 12 year-old rock thrower

Caption: “The president during his meeting with the Al-Tamimi family from Nabi Saleh.”

: “The president [Mahmoud Abbas]: “The occupation’s recurring crimes will not go unpunished” 
     “President Mahmoud Abbas received yesterday [Sept. 3, 2015] at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah, the family of Martyr Muhammad Al-Atrash, who was killed by the Israeli occupation forces at the Tapuach junction, south of Nablus, and the family of youth Muhammad Al-Tamimi, whom the Israeli occupation forces attacked and tried to arrest in the village of Nabi Saleh, west of Ramallah. The president offered his condolences to the Martyr’s (Shahid) family and stressed that these recurring crimes against the Palestinian people will not go unpunished…
During the reception for the family of the child Muhammad Al-Tamimi, the president praised the courage of the Al-Tamimi family and the way it faces the tyranny of the occupation and the attacks of its soldiers. In addition, he stressed that this proves the extent of the devotion of the Palestinian people to its land.
The president stressed that peaceful popular resistance (reference to rock throwing –Ed.) against the occupier is a powerful weapon in the hands of the Palestinian people, which exposes the falsity of the occupation, and shows to the whole world its barbarity, and the right of our people to self-definition, and to the establishment of an independent state like the rest of the peoples of the world. Secretary-General of the Presidential Office Tayeb Abd Al-Rahim and Fatah Central Committee member Mahmoud Al-Aloul attended the meeting.”
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Note: Muhammad Al-Atrash attempted to stab an Israeli border police officer at the Tapuach junction in the West Bank on Aug. 17, 2015. He was shot and killed by another police officer at the scene.

Muhammad Al-Tamimi – a 12-year-old boy who threw rocks at Israeli soldiers during a demonstration in the village of Nabi Saleh in the West Bank. When one of the soldiers tried to arrest him, the soldier was attacked by the boy's family.

PA leaders and officials have legitimized Palestinian violence by quoting UN resolution 3236 which "recognizes the right of the Palestinian people to regain its rights by all means." The PA interprets "all means" as including violence against civilians, but has chosen to ignore the continuation of the resolution which states that the use of "all means" should be "in accordance with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations..." The UN Charter prohibits targeting civilians, even in war. Chapter 1, Article 1, opens by saying that "international disputes" should be resolved "by peaceful means."

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