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PLO trying to stop Palestinians in Syria from emigrating to Europe because it may harm “right of return”

Headline: “The PLO is trying to stop the emigration of Palestinian refugees from Syria to Europe”
     “PLO Executive Committee member Ahmed Majdalani announced that the PLO is trying to stop the emigration of Palestinian refugees living in Syria to Europe. Majdalani stated to the Xinhua News Agency (the official news agency of the government of China. –Ed.) that this effort is due to the danger that lies in the emigration journey of these refugees, and the fact that hundreds of them have drowned in the sea. Majdalani added: ‘The greatest danger in the increased emigration of Palestinian refugees from Syria to Europe is the threat to their right of return (i.e., claimed PA right to settle in Israel), and the concerns that their permanent settlement [in a new country] will lead to the abolishment of this right in the future.’
Majdalani led a delegation of representatives of the Palestinian factions in the PLO that made a three-day visit to Syria last weekend to meet with the country’s top officials, and in particular with Minister of Social Affairs Rima Al-Qadri. Majdalani noted that during the conversations of the delegation, they reviewed the situation of the refugees in Syria, and dealt with humanitarian crises in order to ease them, along with making efforts to stop the increasing emigration of Palestinian refugees to Europe…
Majdalani stated: ‘We expressed to the Syrian officials our /growing worries about the increased emigration of Palestinians out of Syria, whose numbers have passed 300,000. This is most dangerous, and they must be provided with all the conditions that can help our people remain in Syria and discourage them from emigrating.’ Majdalani clarified that the delegation suggested ideas to the Syrian officials, such as increasing the security provided to the Palestinian refugee camps, addressing the issue of migrants and displaced people in the refugee camps, and guaranteeing their freedom of movement between the Syrian provinces.
He added that the delegation’s ideas also included solving problems related to the Al-Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, and increasing, in partnership with UN institutions, the entry of rescue aid to the camp and the remaining Palestinian [refugee] camps in Syria.
According to Palestinian statistics, the deaths of about 3,000 Palestinian refugees in Syria have been registered since the beginning of the crisis there four years ago that has led to the displacement of about 200,000 refugees out of a total of 700,000 refugees.”