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PA daily columnist criticizes Muslim world for not doing more to help Syrian refugees

Op-ed by Hafez Al-Barghouti, regular columnist for the official PA daily
Headline: “The Pope and the Sheikhs of corruption”
      “Pope Francis calls on Christians to host Syrian refugees in homes and churches; President of Finland [Sauli Niinistö] opens his home to refugees; [Chancellor of Germany Angela] Merkel leads a campaign to assimilate refugees into German society, and pressures other countries to ease their passage [from country to country] and host them; Prime Minister of Sweden [Stefan Löfven] participates in demonstrations for the Syrian immigrants.
Finland accepts Iraqi refugees, while Iraqi authorities do not enable Al-Anbar (a province in Iraq that is mostly under ISIS control –Ed.) refugees to reach Baghdad; the Kurds drive them out in the north, and Shiite militias threaten them lest they try to seek refuge in Karbala and Najaf (i.e., cities in Iraq, 100 and 160 kilometers from Baghdad).
The churches call on their congregants to embrace the refugees, while our sheikhs – who took part in the tragedy of the Syrian people through incitement to violence and [incitement] to join the fighting, and made up the 'marriage of protection’ in order to rape Syrian girls (Syrian refugees who are forced to marry at a young age, allegedly in order to protect their honor –Ed.) and take them captives, and ‘Jihad marriage’ (women who allegedly offer themselves as brides or for sexual purposes for fighters of the Islamic State and other similar organizations –Ed.), in order to attract male and female adolescents – [these sheikhs act as though they] have nothing to do with the tragedy.
In Turkey, which raises the flag of the Caliphate and supports the civil war in Syria, it is forbidden for a Syrian to engage in any work whatsoever. Therefore he crosses the sea in search [of work] and drowns. After his arrival [in a different country], he is humiliated and held [under arrest], until human conscience in Europe reluctantly awakes, and they [Europe] start to understand the [Syrian refugee’s] problem, caused as a result of foreign interference…
The countries that supported the war in Syria financially, with weapons, and with religious rulings, admit only rich Syrians, and abandon the poor. The countries of the ‘infidels’ show kindness to the refugees, while the countries of the Muslims humiliate them.”