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PA daily: Israel has no connection to Jerusalem or “this land” and “the children of ‘Israel’” were actually an Arab Yemenite tribe

Headline: “Is Netanyahu the only enemy of the Al-Aqsa Mosque?”
“[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu stood up and stated: ‘How do they (i.e., Palestinians and the Arab and Islamic nation) dare to not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of ‘Israel,’ we have been here for 3,000 years!’ He lied to himself, his supporters, the world, and history… Our Jerusalem was never the capital of a thing called ‘Israel,’ not of the previous and not of the present entity. He and the others [Jews] have no connection to this land, not 3,000 years ago, and not 100 years ago. Likewise, it [Israel] has no genetic, anthropologic, national, or historical connection to the [biblical] children of ‘Israel,’ the Arab Yemenite tribe that is extinct, and which lived at its highest and lowest points in a different geographical region.”

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