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Egyptian Sheikh on PA TV: Israel, with the US’s ‎help, is behind regional violence and ‎sectarianism in order to expand Israel’s borders ‎from “the Nile to the Euphrates”

Official PA TV program Reflections, hosting Sheikh ‎Nabil Na’im, one of the leaders of the Wasati ‎‎(moderate Islam) movement in Egypt, and head of ‎the Front for Saving Al-Quds (i.e., Jerusalem):
Sheikh Nabil Naim: “The Israeli involvement in ‎what is happening in Syria is evident to all. ISIS ‎and Jabhat Al-Nusra, where do they receive ‎treatment? In the Israeli hospitals. The weapons ‎that ISIS receives come from Turkey and Israel. ‎The one who created the problems in the ‎region’s countries is Israel…‎ Who destroyed Iraq? Iraq was destroyed by ‎America. Do you not agree? They have Brzezinski, ‎the Jewish leader (Zbigniew Brzezinski, advisor to ‎Jimmy Carter on national security, a non-Jew, and ‎a severe critic of Israel –Ed.) - he said: ‘In order to ‎create ‘Greater Israel’ from the Euphrates to the ‎Tigris, it is necessary to dismantle the [Arab] ‎countries adjacent to Israel and turn them into ‎warring sectarian and ethnic frameworks…‎ Israel is not interested only in Palestine. In the ‎Israeli parliament Israel’s borders are from the ‎Nile to the Euphrates. On the Israeli flag [the ‎stripes] symbolize the Nile and the Euphrates, with ‎David’s Kingdom between them… We want to say ‎to the people: ‘The reason for all your problems is ‎Israel. You need to solve the Israel problem. Do ‎you understand? Israel is linked to the problem of ‎the dam in Ethiopia. Israel is linked to the crisis in ‎southern Sudan. That is what divided [southern ‎and northern Sudan]. Israel is linked to what is ‎occurring in Syria and Libya.”‎

Jabhat Al-Nusra is a branch of the Al-Qaeda ‎terrorist organization operating in Syria and ‎Lebanon, formed in January 2012. It is an Islamic ‎Sunni, Jihadist group fighting against the Syrian ‎government forces in the Syrian civil war, in order to ‎establish an Islamic state in Syria. ‎