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Abbas warns of Israel’s division of Al-Aqsa Mosque according to areas and times

Headline: “A bomb in the President’s speech”
“President Mahmoud Abbas sincerely revealed the American, Arab and Islamic pressures that led him to consider resignation, and expressed his ‘strong objection to the idea of the “Jewish State,” since it serves as justification for the religious wars in the middle east, and extremist organizations such as ISIS,’ he said… Regarding his upcoming visit to the UN, the president declared that he would ‘drop a bomb’ at the end of his speech, which he refused to disclose, and noted that he would speak about ‘Oslo and the Israeli violations reflected in the Israeli Supreme Court’s resolutions to allow the demolition of Palestinian houses in areas A and B, which are supposed to be under the PA’s administrative control.’
Regarding Jerusalem’s explosive situation, Abbas said that ‘Israel is implementing a division according to times at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and maybe even according to areas, between Jews and Muslims.’ He emphasized that ‘this division according to times and areas will absolutely not be accepted,’ and that ‘Jerusalem is a red line, and we will not allow [anyone] to harm it,’ in his words. Abbas attacked the notion of the ‘Jewish State’ saying: ‘If Israel wants to be a Jewish state, there will be justification for ISIS and other similar organizations to establish an Islamic State in Syria, Gaza, Egypt, etc.’”