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Abbas partially funds housing project in ‎Bethlehem district for terrorists serving ‎life sentences in Israel

Headline: “Hamdallah lays the corner ‎stone for the ‘Hope Neighborhood’ ‎building project meant for prisoners ‎serving life sentences, and announces ‎that the government will provide $200,000 ‎for the project”‎
     ‎“[PA] Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah laid ‎the cornerstone for the ‘Hope ‎Neighborhood’ housing project in the ‎village of Al-Ubeidiya in the Bethlehem ‎district, which is meant for prisoners ‎serving life sentences [in Israel] and ‎which will serve about 120 life prisoners ‎in Bethlehem and the Hebron district. He ‎announced government aid of $200,000 ‎for the housing project, and noted that… ‎he directed the Ministry of [Public] Works ‎to pave a road of access to the housing ‎project…‎ Hamdallah said to those present… ‘I am ‎very proud to be here today among the ‎families of our brave prisoners, freedom ‎prisoners, in order to lay the cornerstone ‎of the ‘Hope Neighborhood’ housing ‎project, which is meant for life prisoners ‎and it is the first national project of its type ‎in the homeland.’‎ He added: ‘I give you the good wishes of ‎President Mahmoud Abbas and his ‎blessings for this building project, which ‎embodies not only joint national efforts for ‎its establishment, and loyalty to the ‎sacrifice of the freedom prisoners, but also ‎the great hope that everyone will ‎necessarily be released and return to their ‎families.’ ‎Hamdallah clarified: ‘This building project ‎is based on an exceptional national idea, ‎and a strong message – we will not give ‎up on the prisoners’ release, and we will ‎protect them until they again embrace ‎freedom. The Amman charity organization ‎and the Committee for Life Prisoners’ ‎Families in Bethlehem are carrying out ‎‎[the project], with a $150,000 grant from ‎the Arab League. The remaining cost of ‎the land was covered by President ‎Mahmoud Abbas, who also decided to ‎completely exempt the project from ‎licenses.”‎