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PA Ministry for Youth and Sports and Islamic Jihad movement memorialize Shahid (Martyr)

     "Under the patronage of the [PA] Ministry for Youth and Sports, and in cooperation with the Islamic Jihad movement… the National Committee for Amateur Grounds… held a central ceremony in memory of the Shahid Fathi Shaqaqi, attended by the Minister of Communications, Imad Al-Faluji… Al Faluji praised the work of the National Committee, which holds sporting tournaments in memory of the Shahids… Member of the Legislative Council, Sheikh Fuad Id, spoke about the qualities of the Shahid and recited a poem in memory of Shaqaqi… Director of the Bureau of Legislative Council Members, Khaled Al-Batsh, spoke about the Shahid Shaqaqi's biography, and Abdallah A-Shami praised the efforts of the National Committee to memorialize Shaqaqi and emphasized [the need for] national unity."

[Ed. Fathi Shaqaqi founded the Islamic Jihad organization, which has carried out about 1,000 terrorist attacks, killing about 150 people and injuring approximately 950.]