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Fatah spokesperson: Palestinians who spoke out against PA police beating up protestors are “suspicious” and “dangerous”

On Sept. 18, 2015, PA police were caught on video beating up three youths who were participating in a demonstration in Bethlehem against Israel's alleged attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque. PA officials condemned these beatings and said they do not reflect PA policy. However, two of the youth beaten up claimed that this was standard behavior for PA police.

: “In response to the event in Bethlehem, Al-Qawasmi: ‘The statements of some of the officials are proof of the loss of the way”
“Fatah Spokesperson Osama Al-Qawasmi responded to the statements of a number of Palestinian officials regarding the issue of the attack on the young [Palestinian] in Bethlehem (by PA police –Ed.) by saying: ‘Some of these statements are proof that they have lost their national way.’
Al-Qawasmi said today [Sept. 20, 2015], Sunday, in a statement to the press: ‘The comparison of [PA] security forces and the Palestinian establishment to ‘Gestapo’ gangs (made by Palestinian officials –Ed.) expresses hostility that should be turned toward the Israeli occupier and its terrorist settlers.’
Al-Qawasmi emphasized that the mistake that occurred must be addressed at the highest levels, according to the law and accepted guidelines, and that these suspicious statements made by a number of people are more dangerous than what occurred in Bethlehem. This was while Fatah emphasized its resolute position, according to which no Palestinian from any side should be attacked, and that the rule of law should constantly prevail.”

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