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Netanyahu's office confirms PMW findings - PA behind surge in violence against Jews

Ruthie Blum  |
Netanyahu's office confirms PMW findings:
PA behind surge in violence against Jews


Headline: After Watchdog Report, PM’s Office Confirms PA Culpability for Surge in Attacks Against Jews

by Ruthie Blum

The Palestinian Authority and Fatah are behind the latest spate of violence against Jews in Jerusalem, according to a watchdog report released on Sunday. The report, prepared by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) director Itamar Marcus and senior analyst Nan Jacques Zilberdik, bases its conclusion about the rock-throwing attacks – one of which was responsible for the death of Alexander Levlovitch, whose car was pelted by Palestinians as he drove home from a Rosh Hashanah dinner — on a series of statements made last week by officials in the PA-controlled press...
When asked whether the Israeli government concurs with the assessment that the violence is being encouraged by the Palestinian leadership, an official in the Prime Minister’s Office readily referred The Algemeiner to the following statements Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made on this very issue during yesterday’s weekly cabinet meeting:

“I would like to say something about the Temple Mount. Israel is committed to maintaining the status quo. We are not altering the status quo. Elements that incite with baseless, wild provocations – to the effect that Israel is trying to prevent Muslim prayer on the Temple Mount or wants to destroy the mosques, or other wild things that are being said – it is they who are inciting. This incitement comes from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic Movement in Israel, Hamas, and – to our chagrin – with the active participation of the Palestinian Authority.”

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