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Fatah member calls for a fund to support rock throwers in Jerusalem

Headline: “Tirawi: ‘We must come out against the Israeli plan in Jerusalem and support its residents’ resolve’”
“Fatah Central Committee member and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al-Istiqlal University Tawfiq Tirawi, stated that the occupation government is trying to establish facts on the ground in Jerusalem and at its holy places, and emphasized that it is necessary to take action against this matter and thwart it.
In an interview with Mawtini Radio yesterday [Sept. 20, 2015], Tirawi called to take measures … and added: ‘It is necessary to make every effort to help the city of Jerusalem, to dedicate all material means to support the resolve of our people in Jerusalem, and to establish institutions.’ He warned of the potential dangers if the occupation succeeds in its attempts to put financial pressure on the [Palestinian] residents of Jerusalem and to impose fines on rock throwers. [He called to solve this issue] through establishing a fund that would cover these fines.”

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