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Abbas receives medal of honor from mayor of Paris and gives speech that PA is working for peace

Headline: "The president [Abbas]: 'Peace can be achieved if they [Israel] will renounce the mentality of expansion and the arrogance of power'"
"[PA] President Mahmoud Abbas stated yesterday in Paris: 'Our hands are extended in peace, and peace is what we seek. We are working for it, not only for ourselves, but also for our Israeli neighbors and all the peoples and countries in the region.' He added: 'Peace is obtainable if there is a will and genuine intentions, and if they [Israel] will renounce the mentality of expansion, the arrogance of power, and religious jealousy.' These statements were made during the speech he gave when he received the highest decoration from the city of Paris in a reception held in his honor by Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo… The mayor said that this medal is a tribute to the activities of President Abbas for peace and the strengthening of friendly relations between Paris and Palestine… The president [Abbas] continued: 'We always call for our capital East Jerusalem to be open for worship to all believers of the three monotheist religions, on condition that each will honor the other.'"

Caption: “The president while receiving the medal of Paris
from Mayor Anne Hidalgo:”