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PA official tells China: Israel's methods "are no different than the methods of the terror organization ISIS"

Headline: “Secretary-General of the Presidential Office calls on China to increase its efforts to find a fair solution to the Palestinian issue”
“Secretary-General of the [PA] Presidential Office Tayeb Abd Al-Rahim asked the friend [the nation of] China to fulfill its traditional role and increase its efforts in the international arena in order to find fair solutions to the burning issues in the world, and primarily the Palestinian issue. This [request came] during the ceremony held by the Chinese embassy in the State of Palestine yesterday [Sept. 27, 2015] in Ramallah to mark 66 years since the establishment of the People’s [Republic of] China…
The secretary-general of the Presidential Office emphasized that the Israeli government, which supports a rift [between Fatah and Hamas], is placing obstacles before the rehabilitation of the Gaza Strip, refusing to fulfill its obligations, using the most abominable methods of oppression, killing, siege…and desecration of the holy sites, particularly in our eternal capital of East Jerusalem. [He noted that] these methods are no different than the methods of the terror organization ISIS.”

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