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PA MP calls for “increasing popular resistance in all its forms”

"[Member of PA Parliament and] Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative (PNI) Movement Dr. Mustafa Barghouti stated that the invasions of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Israel's attempts to divide it according to areas and times will surely lead to an explosion... Barghouti called the entire Palestinian people to unite and stand up against Israel and its actions, and to join the popular resistance and the campaign to boycott it and impose sanctions on it. In addition, he demanded the implementation of what was concluded in the last meeting of [PLO's] Central Committee, the national consensus program that includes a national strategy we have long been calling for, which is based on national unity, completion of national reconciliation (i.e., between Fatah and Hamas), increasing popular resistance in all its forms, expanding the boycott campaign, imposing sanctions on Israel and ceasing security coordination with the occupation state."

"Division according to areas and times" refers to a proposed law (May 2013) being reviewed in Israeli Parliament that would allow for both Jews and Muslims to pray on the Temple Mount. The law seeks to designate separate prayer times and areas of the site for Muslims and Jews.