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Hamas “blesses” terror attack in which parents were killed in front of their children: “the heroic operation”

Headline: “Hamas blesses the Nablus operation and calls on the resistance to carry out more excellent operations”
     “Hamas Spokesman Husam Badran blessed the operation i.e., terrorist attack in which Israelis Naama and Eitam Henkin were murdered) carried out by resistance fighters near the settlement Itamar, located on the lands of villages of eastern Nablus, and which led to the death of two settlers, and the injuries of varying severity of 4 others. Badran stated in a press release that the heroic operation is a natural response to the occupation’s crimes, and completes the public activity which is escalating in all areas of the occupied West Bank… Badran called on the people of the West Bank to carry out additional excellent operations, and added: ‘This is the only solution which many of our people everywhere support. The Zionists everywhere will pay a price for the criminal policies of [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, and resistance is a legal right, that no one can take away from us.’”

The Henkin murders – Israelis Naama and Eitam Henkin (also an American citizen) were murdered in a shooting attack on Oct. 1, 2015, on the road between Itamar and Elon Moreh in the West Bank. Their four children, aged 9, 7, 4, and 4 months, were also in the car and witnessed the murders, but were not physically injured.
Five suspects in the murder, members of a Hamas terrorist cell, were arrested by Israel and confessed to the murders. The leader of the group, Ragheb Ahmad Muhammad Aliwi, has served time in an Israeli prison for security related crimes.

PA leaders and officials have legitimized Palestinian violence by quoting UN resolution 3236 which "recognizes the right of the Palestinian people to regain its rights by all means." The PA interprets "all means" as including violence against civilians, but has chosen to ignore the continuation of the resolution which states that the use of "all means" should be "in accordance with the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations..." The UN Charter prohibits targeting civilians, even in war. Chapter 1, Article 1, opens by saying that "international disputes" should be resolved "by peaceful means."