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Fatah official praises leadership of Bashar Assad, claims regional wars are in the interest of the US

Headline: “Halal Halal praised the Palestinian people’s heroic resolve in Jerusalem”
“Secretary-General of the [Arab] Socialist Ba'ath Party (i.e., political party founded in Syria) Halal Halal condemned the ‘Zionist rampaging’ and the attempts of extremists, supported by the exploiting occupation forces, to invade the Al-Aqsa Mosque… This was stated during a telephone call with Fatah [Central Committee Member and] Commissioner of Arab Relations and Relations with China Abbas Zaki… Zaki praised the heroic resolve of the mighty Syrian army and people under the leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad, for 5 years against the unjust global forces, while protecting the fortress of resolve and resistance in the Arab World. Likewise, he emphasized that the Palestinian people is zealous for the unity of the Syrian people and land, and that this is the issue that the official Palestinian position debated – finding political solutions for the protection of Syria - the state, its institutions, and the unity of its people, and moving away from wars that wreak havoc and destruction, thus serving the interests of the US and its allies in the region, who are allies of the Zionist enemy.”