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PA daily reports on stabbing attack killing two Israelis, describing the stabber as “Martyr”

Headline: “Killing of settlers and wounding of others in Jerusalem attack”
“Yesterday [Oct. 3, 2015] evening two settlers were killed, a husband and his wife (sic., two men were stabbed to death), residents of one of the settlement centers near the home of [Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon on Al-Wad Street of occupied Jerusalem, and two others were wounded, one of them described as severely [wounded]. This is while the man who carried out the operation (i.e., terror attack), a youth from El-Bireh, died as a Martyr…
The Martyr (Shahid) who killed the settlers in Jerusalem is a resident of El-Bireh, 19-year-old Muhannad Shafiq Halabi, and the Islamic Jihad movement declared that he was one of its members.”

Jerusalem Old City stabbing attack – On Oct. 3, 2015, Palestinian terrorist Muhannad Halabi, 19, from the West Bank city of El-Bireh attacked Israeli citizen Aharon Bennet, 21, and his family, who were on their way back from prayer at the Western Wall. The terrorist killed Aharon and Israeli citizen Nehemia Lavi, who came to the family’s aid, and injured Aharon’s wife and 2-year-old son. Following the attack, the terrorist was shot and killed by Israeli security forces. Prior to his attack, In a post to his private Facebook page, the terrorist referred to recent terror attacks as part of a "third Intifada,” and said that it was a response to Israel’s actions at the Al-Aqsa Mosque and that the Palestinian people would not “succumb to humiliation.” This is a reference to the PA libel that Israel is plotting to take over and destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and to the PA's portrayal of Jews praying on the Temple Mount as "an invasion of the Al-Aqsa Mosque."