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PA daily publishes poem romanticizing Martyrdom death: "I will go to death so that it may turn me into a star"

Headline: “Martyr (Shahid)”
“At that moment, [the Martyr] ripped out his organs
and in their place put
a cloud,
and thunder.
Then, he said, after keeping silence and saying Basmilla (i.e., the name of the Islamic phrase: ‘In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful’)
I will go to death,
so that it may turn me into a star,
into the story of a loving woman,
and the cries of joy of a bereaved mother.
I will go to the plowed soil so that it may better my soil,
so that I will return again like a rose,
and I will return,
I will return like a stalk of wheat”