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Fatah official “expresses sorrow” for “Martyrs,” referring to terrorist who attempted to stab Israeli police

Headline: “Al-Nahel: “Gaza is in the eye of the storm of defense of the Al-Aqsa [Mosque], and at the heart of the events for the West Bank’”
“Fatah’s Revolutionary Council member Muhammad Al-Nahel expressed sorrow for the Martyrs (Shahids) that fell yesterday [Oct. 9, 2015] in West Bank districts and the Gaza Strip. Al-Nahel emphasized that our people in the Gaza Strip has proven that it is one unified people, unified with those in the districts of the West Bank, occupied Jerusalem, and our territories that were conquered in 1948 (i.e., Israel), and that it is not possible to separate them from each other.”

On Oct. 9, 2015, Muhammad Fares Abdallah Al-Ja'abari (19) stabbed and tried to take the weapon of an Israeli policeman doing a security check at the western entrance to Kiryat Arba. Another policeman shot and killed him.

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