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Fatah official: Intifada erupted in Gaza as well as West Bank because Palestinians “are united in the bloody battle” against Israel

Official PA TV News
[Fatah Central Committee member] Amal Hamad: “Our message from the Al-Shifa Hospital is that this people stands firm and patient. It stood against the occupation during the 2008, 2012 and 2014 wars (i.e., Israeli operations in Gaza: operation Cast Lead, operation Pillar of Defense, and operation Protective Edge, responses to Palestinian violence, attacks and shooting of rockets –Ed.) and endured. At first, the West Bank carried out an intifada, and Gaza came to its aid, now Gaza is carrying out an intifada and the West Bank is coming to its aid. By doing so, it emphasized that whenever the occupation works to divide the homeland, and others work to divide the Palestinian ranks, the Palestinian ranks are united. We are united in the bloody battle, in the confrontation against the occupation.”