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DFLP in Lebanon supports Palestinian ‎terror wave and calls for “all-out popular ‎Intifada”‎

Headline: “Beirut: The Democratic Front ‎called to support the national uprising in ‎Palestinian territories” ‎
‎“Democratic Front for the Liberation of ‎Palestine (DFLP) Political Bureau member ‎and senior official of the Front in ‎Lebanon, Ali Faisal, called to provide the ‎conditions to transform the popular ‎uprising in Jerusalem and the Palestinian ‎West Bank into an all-out popular Intifada.‎
This [should be done] by uniting the ‎efforts in the field, composing a united ‎field-leadership for the popular resistance ‎and forming committees to defend the ‎villages and refugee camps. ‎
This statement was made during a speech ‎he gave in front of the monument for the ‎Martyrs of Palestine, in a public parade ‎held by the Palestinian factions and the ‎Lebanese parties in Beirut.”‎

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