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PA daily op-ed actively encourages “popular uprising” to “stop the crimes of the Israeli ethnic cleansing state and the herds of its settlers”

Headline: “Preventing the spilling of Palestinian blood is resistance”
Excerpt of article by Hilmi Al-Ghoul
      “All the Palestinians - the presidency, the PLO Executive Committee, the government, the national activity factions, independent people, organizations, non-governmental institutions, and the different segments of the population – have called for popular resistance, and they are still standing determinedly by the uprising. They all want it to strengthen the role and status of the peaceful struggle, which is armed with bare arms and rocks in order to stop the crimes and violations of the Israeli ethnic cleansing state, and the herds of its settlers…
Heroic popular uprising is the legitimate right and obligation of every Palestinian citizen who is interested in protecting his national cause. Its main importance lies in the development, strengthening and spreading of the popular resistance throughout the homeland, in order to force Israel, the US, and anyone who has an interest in reaching a political agreement and realizing the two-state solution within the borders of June 4, 1967, to immediately and without delay fulfill the requirements of the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, and put a complete end to the Israeli occupation. At the same time, the purpose of the activity to broaden the popular resistance and spread it is not losing the direction of the national struggle, impulsively rushing the Israeli death army forces and the herds of settlers, falling into their trap, making it easier for them to spill the blood of the heroes of the resistance and allowing pointless losses in their ranks… We all want to make the resistance spread, and at the same time to guard our national essence and prevent the Israeli death state’s army from easily allowing [the shedding of] Palestinian blood – so, will we succeed in reexamining the manner of the struggle with the Israeli occupying tyrants without allowing the extinguishing of the torch of popular resistance?”

The day after the publication of this article, the same journalist published a similar article in which he expressed support of the popular resistance and its broadening. However, he said it should not harm the Palestinian school system – that children need to go to school and should not go to checkpoints to behave wildly. However, he also added that nothing prevents children from going to checkpoints after school. In the same spirit as this article, he says the resistance needs to be organized, and that people shouldn’t just go out to die at the hands of the occupation’s soldiers for no reason.