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Western Wall is part of Al-Aqsa and has ‎nothing to do with “the false biblical ‎historical stories”‎

Excerpt of article by member Fatah ‎Revolutionary Council Bakr Abu Bakr:
‎“Jerusalem, together with its injured Al-‎Aqsa Mosque, will not agree in any way to ‎being divided and will not accept the false ‎biblical historical stories, as this building ‎belongs to us. The Al-Buraq uprising in ‎‎1929 (i.e., the 1929 Hebron massacre, in ‎which 65 Jews were murdered by Arabs -‎Ed.) only proved that the Al-Buraq Wall ‎itself – part of the western wall of the Al-‎Aqsa [plaza] (they falsely call it the ‎‎“Wailing Wall”) (parentheses in source) – ‎is part of the Islamic structure. Likewise, ‎Jerusalem is the pearl of Palestine, and it ‎is what the Palestinians are protecting.”‎

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