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Fatah spokesman: Israeli claim that terrorist stabber had a knife is a lie, she was "executed" for no reason

Official PA TV program State of Politics hosting Fatah Spokesman Ahmad Assaf
Fatah Spokesman Ahmad Assaf: “Have we not seen the world’s largest news agencies use excerpts from videos taken with a mobile phone, proving that this [the Israeli] army is a terrorist army, an army that murders children and women, for example the children we are talking about today, or the young woman in Afula, who was executed because they suspected her.”
Official PA TV host: “It turned out that she was holding sunglasses and not a knife.”
Fatah Spokesman Ahmad Assaf: “Namely, lies. Israel has a long list of ready-made lies, each crime with its corresponding lie.”

Israa Abed – a 30-year-old Israeli Arab terrorist from Nazareth who tried to stab an Israeli security guard in Afula, on Oct. 9, 2015. Police officers instructed Abed to put down her knife, and after she refused, shot her in the lower body, moderately injuring her.

Note – The footage in which sunglasses are seen next to the body was taken after the terrorist had been shot. Footage taken prior to this moment clearly show there was a knife.