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Media uproar in Britain over funding of PA hate education

In January 2008, PMW was instrumental in bringing about a media uproar in Britain. At PMW’s initiation, and with PMW supplying the documentation and participating in the writing, the British Taxpayers’ Alliance presented a report to the British Parliament showing how British aid to the Palestinian Authority had been spent to help fund Palestinian hate education against Jews and the West, including incitement to kill Jews and British troops.
The following are all headlines from British press articles responding to the report:
Daily Express main front page headline: “Our taxes pay for lessons in terror: Britain gives £47M to finance classes on suicide bombing.
News of the World: “You pay £47M to fund terror. Aid used to promote murder of British troops.
The Daily Telegraph: “Aid to Palestine ‘funds extremism’
Daily Mail: “Taxpayers ’fund hate textbooks’
The Press Association: “UK funds 'used for indoctrination'
Daily Express: “Stop terror cashing in
The Jewish Chronicle:Your tax money boosts terror’
PMW has since continued to supply British MPs with the latest hate education summaries from the PA media. PMW has been in close contact with the parliamentary group Conservative Friends of Israel, and a follow up in parliament is being discussed.
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