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Syria’s Mufti expresses solidarity with Palestinians for “saving” Al-Aqsa Mosque “from the claws” of Israel

Headline: ‘Syria’s Mufti: ‘Al-Aqsa is a trust hanging on the neck of the nation’”
“Mufti of Arab Republic of Syria Ahmed Badr Al-Din Hassoun emphasized that the president of Syria, the government of Syria, and the Syrian people stand alongside the Palestinian people’s struggle against the aggressive Israeli war machine. In a phone conversation he held with Fatah Central Committee member and [Fatah] Commissioner of Arab Relations and Relations with China Abbas Zaki, Mufti Hassoun said that in its opposition and defense of the Al-Aqsa [Mosque], the Palestinian people protect the holiest site in the world, while waving the flag of glory and honor of the Arab and Islamic nation and free people around the world.
He added that the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque is a trust placed around the necks of the trustees, Muslims and Christians alike, and that saving it from the claws of the occupation is a Pan-Arab and human duty… Zaki said that its authors have and do stand at the side of the Palestinian people’s struggle, out of a Pan-Arab awareness, which sees Palestine as the most important cause of the Arabs.”