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Abbas’ advisor: Palestinian violence won’t stop until the “attacks against [the Al-Aqsa Mosque] stop”; Terrorist stabbers were “murdered” by Israel

Headline: " [Palestinian] residents of Jerusalem respond to [Jerusalem Mayor Nir] Barkat's calls by requesting international protection"
     "Advisor to Abbas on Jerusalem Affairs Ahmed Al-Ruweidi called for the international community to provide the [Palestinian] residents of occupied Jerusalem with protection, especially from the attacks of the occupation forces and settler gangs, [who are carrying out] organized murders against the residents of the city.
It should be noted that Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat threatened today [Oct. 13, 2015] to close the Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem and impose a curfew on them due to the present situation (i.e., following numerous terror attacks committed by Palestinians coming from these neighborhoods –Ed.)… He [Al-Ruweidi] said that the subject of the Al-Aqsa Mosque is fundamental and that it will not be possible for the situation to calm down unless the attacks against it stop. Likewise, he noted that the murder of the student [Mustafa] Al-Khatib (i.e., terrorist who stabbed one) yesterday [Oct. 12, 2015] at the Lion's Gate is fraught with threats against the worshippers, who are being distanced from the Al-Aqsa [Mosque] by the occupation authorities. He also said that the shooting of the student Marah Al-Bakri (i.e., terrorist who stabbed one) next to her school, and the two children from the Manasrah family (i.e., two terrorists who stabbed two) yesterday marks the education sector and youth as a target, all in order to intimidate the citizens and distance them from their city. Al-Ruweidi emphasized that the [Palestinian] residents of Jerusalem will not move from their city, and said: 'Their [the Israelis’] actions and policy will not scare us. We will remain in Jerusalem and protect it and its holy sites, first among them the blessed Al-Aqsa [Mosque].'"
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The PA considers any presence of Jews on the Temple Mount an "attack."

Mustafa Al-Khatib – 18-year-old Palestinian terrorist who tried to stab an Israeli soldier near the Lions’ Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem and was shot and killed by Israeli police.

Marah Al-Bakri - 16-year-old female Palestinian terrorist who stabbed an Israeli border policeman at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem. She was shot and wounded by the policeman.

Pisgat Ze'ev stabbing attack - On Oct. 12, 2015, two Palestinian terrorists, Hassan ‎Manasrah (15) and Ahmad Manasrah (13), stabbed Yossef Ben Shalom (21) in the Pisgat ‎Ze'ev neighborhood of East Jerusalem, then repeatedly stabbed a 13-‎year-old boy (name undisclosed at time of writing) who was riding his bike. Hassan Manasrah was killed while fleeing the scene, and Ahmad Manasrah was shot by Israeli police and hospitalized. Both victims of the attack were seriously injured. The terrorists, who were cousins, came from the nearby Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Hanina.

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