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Fatah official supports “non-violent” “uprising” because Israel would benefit from Palestinian violence

Headline: "Abbas Zaki to 'Donia Al-Watan': 'Severing of ties with Israel within a week'
       “Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki clarified that the settlers' wild behavior and the current actions require a large effort in order to turn [the uprising] into a greater public uprising, that will be of a non-violent nature and capable of continuity, and announced: 'We fear that the actions will gradually become military and Israel will be the one to benefit.'
Zaki noted that if the confrontations remain as they are now, it will be suicide [for the PA], and noted that a united leadership with organized plans is necessary, which will daily enlist thousands of people and international solidarity activists… 'in order to take a greater part in the destruction of the Israeli economy and the undermining of its stability, so that the whole world will feel the occupation’s racism, and the world needs to bear responsibility. However, if the situation remains as it is, action after action, the world's perception, which favors Israel, will be that it is an issue of terror that can be eliminated.'
Zaki stated in a special interview with Donia Al-Watan that he is against exceeding the framework of organized popular action and marches in which the youth go out, chests exposed, to confront the Israelis, their numbers not exceeding 300, and in response Israel decides to deliberately kill with live ammunition. Likewise, he noted that there needs to be a procession of tens of thousands of people, who will close the settlers' roads with non-violent marches that will make the settlers feel that they cannot oppress the Palestinian people, which has decided to end the occupation, and that there will be no actual connection between the Israelis and the Palestinian leadership….
Regarding the fate of [the] Oslo [Accords] and the renewal of relations with Israel, Zaki clarified that the leadership gave the political committee a defined period of time, so that within a week it will finish its work of severing ties with the Israeli side. He noted that Israel killed the Oslo Accords first, and we are determining the appropriate strategy for defending the Palestinian people, and for our cause, which will teach the world that it cannot treat the Palestinian cause as it would treat any other cause.'"