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Senior Fatah official "supports, with all his might, the uprising and intifada… aimed at defending the Al-Aqsa Mosque" from "defilement" and "Judaization"

Headline: “Denied what was reported in the Lebanese Al-Akhbar [newspaper], Abu Al-Einein: ‘Fatah is united against the occupation under the leadership of the president’”
      “Fatah Central Committee member Sultan Abu Al-Einein denied the report that appeared in the Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper, regarding the dispute between him and [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas about Al-Einein’s position which supports our people’s intifada against the occupiers.
Abu Al-Einein stated: ‘President Mahmoud Abbas is the head of the Palestinian legitimacy and president of all Palestinians. The Fatah movement stands united at its people’s side, with no side-disputes and takes a responsible standpoint in our people’s recent confrontations.’ Moreover, he emphasized that he personally supports, with all his might, the uprising and the intifada of our young people, aimed at defending Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and this is the [Fatah] movement’s position.
Abu Al-Einein added that the fact that the occupiers revoked his VIP document will not influence his position calling to support the uprising and the intifada of our heroic Palestinian people, in order to defend Jerusalem against the Judaization and crush the plot to divide the Al-Aqsa Mosque according to areas and times.
In this regard, he stated: ‘For me, the VIP document is incomparable with a Palestinian child carrying out intifada against the Neo-Nazi executors, whom my people, its living forces and the Fatah movement will be able to return to their holes together with their murderous settlers.’
Abu Al-Einin continued responding to the report: ‘There are no disagreements in Fatah, and there is no right and left. It leads its heroic people in crucial historic moments, and there is no room for supporters and opponents, in light of this crucial historic situation of our national cause. We will undoubtedly defeat the arrogance of the cowardly settlers who are protected by the occupation army, armed with billions of dollars, while we, our youth and our children come out with our cold weapons (i.e., stones, knifes, etc.) to fight back and to defend our Al-Aqsa [Mosque] from any kind of defilement.”

"Division according to areas and times" refers to a proposed law (May 2013) being reviewed in Israeli Parliament that would allow for both Jews and Muslims to pray on the Temple Mount. The law seeks to designate separate prayer times and areas of the site for Muslims and Jews.