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Fatah spokesman: Terror wave is occuring "within the occupied territories of ’48"

Official PA TV program Inside hosts Fatah spokesman in Europe Jamal Nazal
Fatah spokesman in Europe Jamal Nazal: “Israel’s crisis regarding this public outburst (‎‎Palestinian euphemism for several months of Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis 2015 - 2016 -Ed.) is that it is acting [as if the outburst] is centered in Jerusalem, and you heard the director-general of the Fatah Movement in Jerusalem, [even as] it (i.e., the “public outburst”) is taking place within the occupied territories of ’48 (i.e., Israel).
In Sakhnin (i.e., Israeli Arab city in northern Israel) yesterday [Oct. 13, 2015] they waved Palestinian flags. Those who went out in Sakhnin are Palestinians, Arabs, from the national stream and from the Islamic forces, Christians and Muslims. Israel stands before a large popular front within the territories that have been occupied since ’48 (i.e., Israel), and at the same time in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip.”

The terms "all means," "peaceful uprising,” “popular uprising," and “public outburst” are ‎often used by PA leaders to refer to events that include violence and deadly terror ‎against Israeli civilians such as rock-throwing, stabbings and even shootings. See ‎Mahmoud Abbas' reference to murderous terror as "peaceful" during the 2015-2016 ‎terror wave (“The Knife Intifada”), which included numerous stabbing ‎attacks:

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