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Israeli soldiers accused of smiling while randomly killing Palestinians

Headline: "In Jerusalem - the Damascus Gate cries of pain, [Israeli] soldiers smile and Martyrs fall one by one?!"
     "[Israeli] soldiers armed with weapons are smiling, after having unloaded their rage and bullets onto the body of the 20-year-old Martyr (Shahid) Basel Sidr, in the 'Nablus Gate' plaza, or what is called Damascus Gate, which started to cry blood for the Martyrs who fall one by one on the Al-Aqsa [Mosque's] gates and the [Jerusalem] city gates, with which the [Israeli] soldiers and settlers do as they please.
The time was about 4:20 p.m. The road from the Damascus Gate to the Old City was being divided up by the occupation's checkpoints. At every checkpoint there was a group of at least four men, armed with weapons, with their fingers on the trigger, their eyes waiting for prey or a suspicious movement. Two bullets broke the cautious calm, putting an end to danger-shrouded quiet. Afterwards there was a hail of gunshots, which guaranteed the reenactment of the [death] sites, in a city where death has become an everyday thing. Basel ran down the stairs of the Damascus Gate, dressed in military uniform and holding a knife. In front of him were two security guards, and one behind him, and in the middle - a settler, with another armed security guard. A few meters from the gate stood a group of soldiers.
The distance between the bullet and death was short. Basel fell after one of the guards shot two bullets at him. Then, more soldiers who expected medals of honor for having riddled his body with bullets [shot him]. The soldiers ran down Al-Wad Street and the remaining streets, and shut the old city gates. Men of Israel's General Security Service spread around the area, before the rest of the teams came to document the killing, and the Martyr's body was taken in a plastic bag, and the soldiers continued smiling after that as well.
A number of the Jerusalem occupation municipality workers waited at the Damascus Gate, at the inner side of the closed gate until they were authorized to come out and remove the traces of the occupation's crime. Upon receiving a phone call, four came out with water and cleaning utensils and there, at the historic theater in front of Damascus Gate, they cleaned pure blood, and afterwards the soldiers opened the gates. However, the rebellious [Palestinian] residents of Jerusalem insisted on perfuming themselves with the Martyr's blood, and one of the mothers shouted angrily at the soldiers and her son who was at her side tried to calm her down, but the pain and the rage made them curse the soldiers. The residents of Jerusalem looked at the blood spots which were still on the ground and on the water which turned slightly red from it, formed a circle and recited the [Quranic Sura] Al-Fatiha for the Martyr's [soul]."
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Basel Sidr - A 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist who tried to stab Israeli policemen near Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem on Oct. 14, 2015. Sidr was shot and killed when he tried to escape.

The full Hadith mentioning the blood of the Martyr:
"The Messenger of Allah said: If anyone fights in Allah's path as long as the time between two milkings of a she-camel, Paradise will be assured for him. If anyone sincerely asks Allah to be killed and then dies or is killed, there will be a reward of a martyr for him. Ibn al-Musaffa added from here: If anyone is wounded in Allah's path, or suffers a misfortune, it will come on the Day of resurrection as copious as possible, its colour saffron, and its odour musk; and if anyone suffers from ulcers while in Allah's path, he will have on him the stamp of the martyrs." [Sunan Abi Dawud 2541, Book 15, Hadith 65]

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