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Girl on Gaza university educational TV: Israelis are afraid but Palestinians aren’t because “they [Israelis] love life”

Al-Kitab TV host: “Dear viewers, we must talk about the high number of Martyrs (Shahids) in Palestine compared to the number of dead Israelis. This is an indication of the violence and tyranny of the Israeli occupation. It’s true that the occupation kills many of us and they become Martyrs, but the number of dead on their side is low. This demonstrates the violence and tyranny of the occupation. Many of them [Palestinians] were executed in cold blood, and the occupation claimed that they had stabbed a soldier or a settler. It has become a sort of a game. Every time the settlers see a Palestinian walking by, they throw a knife next to him and claim he was trying to carry out a stabbing attack…
Eternal glory for the devoted Martyrs. We salute their families and wish them [the ability] to carry their burden with patience. We praise the young heroes who sacrificed their souls for Jerusalem and carried out these wonderful heroic acts. We kiss their hands because they are true heroes. We say to all the Mujahideen (i.e., Jihad fighters) of Palestine: ‘Mujahideen, keep your shoes, because the day will come when all the museums of the world will ask them of you.’”
Girl: “The Israelis fight with missiles and tanks, while we fight with rocks. [But] we are not afraid. They are more afraid than us, because they love life.”

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