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PA presidency accuses Israel of “systematic incitement against the PA and its institutions”

Headline: “The presidency demanded to stop the Israeli official inciting declarations”
“The [PA] presidency demanded yesterday [Oct. 15, 2015] that Israel stops its daily and official inciting declarations, the most recent of which were Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked’s declaration, and her steps to close down the Palestine television channel [PA TV]. The presidency stated yesterday in an announcement: ‘We call on the Israeli government to stop whatever fans the flames of violence and incitement, as it creates an atmosphere leading to increased tension.’ Official spokesman of the [PA] Palestine Broadcasting Corporation Majed Sa’id, stated that Shaked’s declarations come as part of the systematic incitement against the Palestinian Authority and its institutions. Sa’id said that declarations of this kind are meant to ‘add fuel to the flames,’ and are influenced by the Israeli government‘s aggressive behavior towards our people.”

Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked told Israel Radio on Oct. 15, 2015, that due to the ongoing Palestinian incitement against Israel, the official Palestinian television channel, PA TV, should be closed down. PMW has documented that PA TV serves as a platform for numerous expressions of incitement, encouraging hatred of Israelis and Jews, promoting violence and glorifying terrorists.

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