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Father of killed terrorist stabber says he would have tied up his son if he had known what he was planning

Headline: “The Martyrs are comparable only to the Martyrs”
“The 5-year-old boy Muhammad Badran felt the loss of his cousin Martyr (Shahid) Is'haq Badran Mresh, who fell in a stabbing operation (i.e., terrorist attack) in Jerusalem on the tenth of the current month [Oct. 10, 2015]… The secrets of Is’haq are the secrets of all the Martyrs of the operations (i.e., terror attacks) which have taken place during this popular insurgency, as no one from his family expected him to carry out a stabbing [attack], and his father described it as a shock and a surprise. Like the father of every Martyr, Bardan’s father who is mourning the loss, hoped it would not happen. ‘Yes, my son is a Martyr, may Allah have mercy on him, but had I known he would do this, I would have tied him up in chains,’’ said the father, Qassem, 44 years old, from Jerusalem, who left the Old City [of Jerusalem] because he couldn’t bear the high cost of living there, and moved to live in the village of Akav, next to Ramallah.”

Is'haq Mresh - 16-year-old Palestinian terrorist who stabbed and wounded 2 Israeli men, 62 and 65 years old, on Oct. 10, 2015, near the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. The terrorist was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers.