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PA daily: Israel has secret plot to harm Palestinian children and youth

Headline: “The occupation legitimizes harming children”
“All the data and facts confirm that the Israeli security and military establishment is focused on its plot to harm the young [Palestinian] generation in general, and especially children and minors. This is due to its understanding that this Palestinian generation was born from the womb of pain, not wrapped in fear or illusion to push it to hold onto worthless promises, such as those that turned previous generations into targets for deception and [targets for] being pushed off with excuses… The troubling and serious data regarding the occupation’s army and police harming Palestinian children and minors, whether through executions and cold-blooded assassinations, or through arrests and torture during the arrest, the chase, the interrogation or the imprisonment, they confirm, in a way that leaves no room for doubt, that harming children is not absurd or by coincidence. This is an official decision, made in the framework of secret decisions, which the war cabinet of the occupation government does not reveal.”

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