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Official PA daily: Israel created the Fatah-Hamas rift

Al-Aqsa TV, Hamas  |
Headline: "The image of the Israeli terror"
"The all-out popular uprising started by the residents of Jerusalem more than two weeks ago, and which is still taking place in Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and within the Green Line, broke out mainly due to the state terror Israel is carrying out under the leadership of [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu in his fourth government. Furthermore, this blessed uprising establishes and strengthens a real concept, against which the Israelis and those who fell into their trap have been trying to act, which is the unity of the Palestinian cause, the unity of the people, the national goal and will, rather than the dismembered bodies the Israeli policy was counting on when it created the rift (i.e., between Fatah and Hamas), through Palestinian hands, more than eight years ago! That in itself is a great achievement attributed to this non-violent popular uprising, which has succeeded in not getting dragged into the cycle [of violence] the Israeli policy wishes for. However, this is not the only achievement, as there is another great achievement which the blood of the heroic [Palestinian] residents of Jerusalem and the rest of our people who expressed solidarity with them has obtained. This achievement is the exposure of the extent of the involvement of the Israeli political system, all its foundations and political, military and legal bodies, in creating this terror, feeding it, and carrying it out in the open, in front of the whole world.”