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Mother of killed terrorist implies Israel ‎planted a knife on her daughter to frame ‎her

Article about Bayan Ayman Al-Esseili, a ‎‎16-year-old female Palestinian terrorist ‎who stabbed an Israeli soldier in Hebron, ‎near the Cave of the Patriarchs on Oct. 17, ‎‎2015. The soldier shot and killed Al-‎Esseili.‎
Headline: “In the video - Mother of Martyr ‎Bayan Ayman Al-Esseili to Wattan: ‘My ‎daughter did not carry a knife’”‎
     "Mother of Martyr Bayan Ayman Al-Esseili ‎said that her daughter was a girl with good ‎values, among the best in her school, was ‎brave and of strong character, and had a ‎‎[felt] presence in school and many ‎ambitions. She added during the ‎exclusive interview with Wattan news ‎agency: ‘Bayan wanted to receive the ‎school’s highest awards [of excellence], ‎and praise Allah, she achieved the high ‎level in Paradise. She wanted to learn ‎economics, and Allah awarded her with ‎Martyrdom-death (Shahada), and that is ‎more than she strived for.’‎
She [the mother] added that when she ‎went to the [Israeli] military camp (i.e., to ‎identify the body of her daughter), they ‎showed her a knife and asked her if it was ‎hers, and she answered: ‘No, it is your ‎knife.’ And there were no traces of blood ‎on it, and there was no blood except for ‎the blood of my daughter on the ground. ‎
It should be noted that Bayan, 16, died ‎yesterday [Oct. 17, 2015] as a Martyr from ‎the Israeli occupation forces’ gunfire next ‎to the Ibrahimi Mosque (i.e., Cave of the ‎Patriarchs) in Hebron, under the pretext ‎that she stabbed and Israeli soldier, ‎according to the Israelis’ claim.‎"

Video appearing with the article:‎
Bayan’s mother: “They said to me: ‘Here, ‎do you recognize her?’ I said to him: ‎‎‘Praise Allah, Lord of the Worlds, that is ‎my daughter Bayan, Bayan Ayman Al-‎Esseili, praise Allah. This is an honor and ‎pride for her entire Islamic nation, and not ‎only to me, her father, aunt, mother, aunt, ‎or grandfather. No, this is [an honor to] the ‎entire Islamic nation, praise Allah, Lord of ‎the Worlds. This is a candle of the ‎Creator’s candles for Al-Aqsa, for ‎Palestine and for the entire Islamic nation, ‎praise Allah, Master of the World.”‎