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PA MP supports Palestinian wave of violence, calls it third Intifada, and calls for it to continue

Headline: “Barghouti: ‘The third Intifada has begun, undermined the Israeli security forces, and fundamentally altered its significance”
“[Member of Palestinian Parliament and] Secretary-General of the National Initiative movement Mustafa Barghouti emphasized that what is happening in the Palestinian territories is intifada, which has shaken the Israeli security forces and changed its meaning at its foundations… In an exclusive interview with the journalist in Palestine of the Lebanese newspaper Al-Nashra Muhammad Farawneh, Barghouti said that this intifada, whether it calms down or strengthens, is a new excellent situation, in which the Palestinian people in the occupied West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Jerusalem has understood that there is no place for negotiations with the Israeli occupation, and we are now at the stage of real struggle. Likewise, he emphasized that this intifada has succeeded in striking the occupation in its basic weak point, and undermining its defense forces… Barghouti emphasized that the intifada continues, and noted that although it is likely to weaken, in principle they have entered a new stage and its name is the Third Intifada. Likewise, he noted that what is required of the Palestinians now is that it continue, and that the internal Palestinian rift between Fatah and Hamas will end and they will put their differences aside.”