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PA Foreign Ministry depicts terrorist stabbers as innocent “Martyrs,” victims of “cold-blooded executions”

Headline: "The [PA] Foreign Ministry: The field executions Israel carried out against Palestinians are organized state terror"
"The [PA] Foreign Ministry condemned the Israeli disregard for the lives of Palestinians and the permission to kill them through the daily, cold-blooded field executions carried out by the occupation and the settlers against the Palestinian citizens... The ministry stated that the racist Israeli policy led to the ascent [to Paradise] of dozens of Martyrs (Shahids) and was clearly demonstrated in the execution of Martyr Fadl Al-Qawasmeh (i.e., terrorist who stabbed one), 18, whose cold-blooded execution could be seen in the footage, as well as the occupation soldiers and settlers' exchange of roles in order to justify his murder by placing a knife next to him so that it appears as though this abominable crime was committed out of self-defense."

Fadl Al-Qawasmeh - 18-year-old Palestinian terrorist who tried to stab an Israeli citizen in the town of Kiryat Arba in the West Bank, on Oct. 17, 2015. The Israeli man shot and wounded Al-Qawasmeh, who later died of his wounds.