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PLO official: Israel escalating conflict in Jerusalem, and executing women and children, praises terrorists

Headline: “Al-Salehi: ‘The popular uprising needs to be guarded in order to achieve its goals’”
“Secretary-General of the People’s Party (i.e., a member of the PLO) Bassam Al-Salehi emphasized that different pressures are being brought to bear on the Palestinian leadership, and especially from the US, to stop the popular uprising against the occupation, and clarified that these pressures will increase due to a number of factors. Al-Salehi stated yesterday [Oct. 18, 2015] in a press release that what is important is not the international pressure, but rather the way these pressures are addressed. He added that all the bodies applying pressure have not contributed anything to the Palestinian position, and they want the situation to return to the way it was. In other words, that Israel will continue to avoid its responsibilities regarding the Palestinians’ rights. Regarding the current events, Al-Salehi clarified that the Israeli escalation, and especially in occupied Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, is unprecedented, and the summary executions of women and children are meant to create facts on the ground, and are consistent with the ongoing efforts to put an end to the national rights. He clarified that the Israeli escalation has been met with heroic efforts of challenging [Israel] by the Palestinian side in different regions, which enables the broadening of the popular resistance to the occupation and its exacerbation, in order to achieve the optimal result, which is the end of the occupation, and the establishment of a Palestinian state… Al-Salehi demanded to keep the popular uprising in its current form as a broad popular resistance movement in order to achieve its goals, and not to let it sway from its path in a negative direction, as happened in the second Intifada (i.e., the Al-Aqsa Intifada, PA terror campaign 2000-2005) and [not to] militarize it or bring it to the point of loss of security control and anarchy.”