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PA daily article criticizes parents celebrating their child`s Martyrdom, but still admires those who "confront the occupation" as Israel "defile[s] the holy sites"

Headline: "We love life, if we succeed in finding the path to it, but…"
     "There is an argument and debate that comes to the surface regarding what is called 'the rush to death for nothing,' in a way that negatively influences the contempt for life and blood in terms of the Palestinians in the confrontations with the occupation. The Israeli system tried to deny this, using ululations (i.e., sounds of joy) or smiles of Martyrs’ mothers in their daily parting from the convoys of Martyrs. But the truth is not like this, and the victim is murdered twice – once by the occupation, and the second time by the description of the Martyr's family as happy he is leaving, which is contrary to logic. …
Through ‘the Cactus Uprising’ or 'the Rage of Jerusalem,' the Palestinian has clearly demonstrated today that he is not afraid of the occupation when he confronts it with a slingshot or knife, and knows in advance what weapon the occupation prepares for him, and with what helmets it protects itself. However, the fear has left his heart, and he prefers to die in honor rather than live a life of daily humiliation at a checkpoint, while he watches how they defile the holy sites and allow the herds of settlers to trample them and do as they wish, under the protection and auspices of the [Israeli] army.
And the question remains, how is the Palestinian, who is full of humanity, sacrifice, and desire to remain [on his land], perceived so wrongly? Who is responsible for this coarse description, and why do we insist on hiding the Martyrs’ dreams and the pain of Martyrs’ families from our story, and insist on showing blood as cheap, or the desire to die for the land, as if the only possibility is that we will die or the land will be freed? Meanwhile, what is required is that we remain alive on the land, which requires us to distinguish between discouraging our young from hurrying to die for nothing, and the inevitable need to continue the educated fight for the liberation of the land and defeat of the occupation, so that we can all live in the homeland we love, together with our young, and not without them.”

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