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Palestinian youth: "There is no Israel"

PMW compilation of two PA TV youth programs from 2003 and 2008:

Palestinian boy: "We must expell all Israelis from Palestine, because Israel, there is nothing called Israel in the whole world. Those Israelis [came] from Holland, America, Iran. They came to take Palestine: Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Haifa, Ramle and Acre. All these cities belong to Palestine. We hope that all the countries of the world will support the Palestinians, and expel the Israelis until we shall live in peace and security." [Dec. 25, 2003]

Palestinian girl: "I am calling the Israeli leadership, stop dreaming of a big homeland and illusion of security, because there is no Israel, but there's a homeland called Palestine, and its capital is Jerusalem. By Allah's will." [Feb. 20, 2008]

Compilation ends with Palestinian poll from May, 2007: 91.7% of PA youth aged 18-24 says “No” when asked “Does Israel have the right to exist?”

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