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Family members of terrorist stabber claim terrorist was innocent, claims Israel executed him

Headline: “Netanyahu warns the Israelis not to ‘take the law into their own hands’ after an Eritrean was accidentally killed – The family of Martyr Muhannad Al-Okabi accuses the occupation of executing him”
     “The family of Martyr Muhannad Al-Okabi (21) from Hura in the Negev – who Israeli sources claimed carried out the operation (i.e., terrorist attack) in Be’er Sheva – demanded to put those who shot their son on trial. Likewise, it demanded that the Israeli police reveal [the pictures from] the cameras that filmed the area of the operation. Anwar Al-Okabi, the Martyr’s father, said that his son Muhannad was summarily executed, and that the family did not know about the operation (i.e., terror attack) in Be’er Sheva, the carrying out of which was attributed to him [their son]… Said Al-Okabi, the Martyr’s uncle, said to the website Arab 48: ‘The criminals who shot Muhannad and took the law into their own hands need to be punished. There is a possibility that Muhannad did not carry out the operation, and there is a suspicion that he defended himself, and perhaps he was not even at the place of the operation. Maybe he intended to carry out the operation, but nobody can be sure of those intentions, if nobody shared his thoughts.”

Muhannad Al-Okabi - 21-year-old Israeli Bedouin terrorist entered the Be’er Sheva bus station with a knife and a pistol, murdered 19-year-old Israeli soldier Sgt. Omri Levy, then grabbed his automatic rifle and started shooting at people in the station, wounding 11 others in an attack on Oct. 18, 2015. A foreign resident, Habtom Zarhum, 29, was shot by a security guard and lynched by people at the scene when he was mistaken for a second terrorist. Terrorist Al-Okabi was shot and killed by Israeli police.
The forum of Negev Bedouin council leaders strongly condemned the attack, stating that "The terrorist who committed this act does not represent any Bedouin residents, who favor coexistence and living together..."

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