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PA daily op-ed likens Israel to Hamas; claims Israeli PM orchestrates suicide bombings to victimize Israel

“Religious conflict is the worst conflict from a historical perspective, because it carries within it acts of barbaric massacre, which the murderers infuse with a godly atmosphere, though God actually has no connection to them. Therefore, the calls made by bodies claiming to speak in the name of the Hamas movement in favor of renewing the explosion, suicide[-bombing], or Martyrdom-seeking operations (i.e., terrorist attacks) against the occupation on the West Bank, are consistent with the will of [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, who is planning massacres and preparing cemeteries for his [Israeli] citizens in order to receive public condolences. [At the same time,] he is secretly organizing celebrations to receive congratulations on the fact that his explosive policy has brought the situation to the point of no return, something he has been striving to achieve in the field.
The explosion operations (i.e., terrorist attacks) are unacceptable, as they have no national consensus, consensus among the factions, or even within Hamas itself, as whoever is interested in beginning a war on the West Bank alone is of the same destructive thinking which resulted in Gaza waging three wars without achieving anything but destruction, several thousand pure-hearted Martyrs (Shahids), tens of thousands of injured, destroyed neighborhoods, and ongoing siege; any resistance operation which does not achieve its political goal is a negative operation, as anyone who plans such explosion operations, it is as if he is assisting the government of Israeli terrorist parties.”