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Fatah member calls Netanyahu “Jewish ‎ISIS Rabbi” who wants to “recreate Nazi ‎history” - in PA daily op-ed

Op-ed by Muwaffaq Matar, Fatah ‎Revolutionary Committee member and ‎columnist for the official PA daily:
Headline: “Netanyahu – the historian of ‎the neo-Nazis”‎
     ‎“[Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] ‎Netanyahu, son of the historian Ben Zion ‎Netanyahu, is not an expert in the ‎language of history, but is working on lies ‎and falsification of historical facts, and is ‎most excellent at shooting down historical ‎facts, just as his army’s soldiers are ‎trained in shooting down young unarmed ‎Palestinians! The last ruling (Fatwa) of ‎Jewish ISIS Rabbi Benjamin Netanyahu, ‎degraded the members of the Zionist ‎Congress who listened to him, arranged ‎before his podium like statues, and ‎insulted every historian in the world, ‎including his own father!‎ [‎…‎] Netanyahu stated, expert at his own lies: ‎‎‘Hitler decided to expel the Jews from ‎Germany. However when he met with ‎‎[Grand] Mufti Amin Al-Husseini and let ‎him know of his decision to expel the ‎Jews, the Mufti expressed concern ‎regarding the immigration of Jews to ‎Palestine. Hitler asked him: ‘What should ‎be done?’ and the Mufti answered him: ‎‎‘Burn them!’‎ [‎…‎] The deceitful rulers drag the peoples only ‎into tragedy, death, and destruction of war. ‎The only thing that interests them is to ‎recreate Nazi history through our ‎children’s blood, and the Israelis have ‎to understand this before Netanyahu ‎writes history of new Jewish Nazism ‎through their children’s blood too.”‎

Haj Amin Al-Husseini - Grand Mufti of ‎Jerusalem at the time of the British ‎mandate, and spiritual and a political ‎leader of the local Arab population. He ‎strongly opposed Zionism and was behind ‎riots and attacks on Jews. During World ‎War II he actively collaborated with Nazi ‎Germany, meeting Adolf Hitler personally ‎and recruiting Muslims for the Nazi army.‎